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8M Collective sound body


For those who have had the experience of participating in a massive demonstration, march, or parade, they will be able to identify with an impulse that succeeds the force of the masses. An overwhelming feeling that moves us to join this movement is like a contagious force in its collective energy.

The power of the collective meeting of a march is transformed into a commemorative, vindictive and denunciatory event. The sound of this collective body of women that resonates in the streets of Mexico City, on March 8, 2022, is configured in voice, shouts, songs, clapping, whistling, footsteps, and musical instruments, objects that accompany the actions of the march and that are blend with the everyday soundscape of the city. These voices, which sing in unison, represent the emotions and experiences of different generations of women. Allowing them to express their feelings and inhabit the streets from the sound presence.

The project was presented in Berlin, in the Master of Sound Studies Basic Phase frame. Sound installation on 6 channels, triggered by pressing buttons.

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